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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Can students register for multiple weeks?

Yes! Students can register for multiple weeks of camp – students who complete the Diplomat Program can then attend the Ambassador or Crisis Programs the following week if offered. We also offer weekend trips at Georgetown and Harvard Universities so that students are supervised during the weekend between programs and have the opportunity to explore their program city after attending a week at the MUN Institute.

What are your camp's hours?

Our Program for students 11-13 run from 9AM – 4PM and our Programs for Students 14-18 run from 9AM – 5PM. Our overnight programs for students ages 11-18 offer fun evening activities including trivia, game nights, city night, and more.

Where are your camps located?

Our programs are held throughout the country at Georgetown University, Harvard University, Columbia University, U.C.L.A., and Austin College.

What makes the MUN Institute different from other camps?

The Model UN Institute is a unique program due to our:

  • Expertise: We are the world’s leading experts on Model United Nations,
  • Passion: We are building a passionate MUN community, and
  • Professionalism: We provide professional and high-quality training.

What is a typical day at the Model United Nations Institute like?

Do you make exceptions to the age requirements?

No, students are required to be the age listed for the program prior to the start of the program they are attending.

Where is your main office located?

Our main office is located in New York City at 295 Madison Avenue 12th Floor New York, NY 10017. You can contact us at (646) 308-1411 or

What is the difference between the different summer programs?

The programs are customized for students’ age, Model United Nations experience level, and interests. See our Program Overview page for more information on each program level.

How long have you been running summer programs?

Best Delegate began running summer programs in 2012. During the summer of 2016, over 720 students from around the world attended The MUN Institute.

What is the Cancellation / Refund Policy?

You may request a refund due to cancellation up to sixty (60) calendar days before the start of your program. A cancellation notice must be submitted via email to with the subject line, “Cancellation”.

All refunds are subject to a $250 cancellation fee. Within sixty (60) calendar days of the start your program, payments made are non-refundable.

For example, let’s say you enroll your student into the Diplomat Program at Georgetown University that starts on June 20, 2016, and you pay tuition of $850. If you cancel on April 15, 2016, you would receive a $600 refund. But if you cancel on April 25, 2016, then you would be ineligible for a refund.

We charge cancellation fees because we reserve classroom space and housing based on enrollment. To secure reservations, we have to place non-refundable deposits. We also hire staff based on enrollment. And we are charged transaction fees for both sales and refunds.

Refunds will be issued in the same manner that payment was made.

What type of Visa do international students need?

International students can enter for our program on a tourist visa. We can provide a letter about our program to help students obtain a Visa.

Registration Questions

What if I have attended the MUN Institute previously?

We set up a registration account for you so that you do not have to answer questions you previously filled out. You should have received an email, at the parent contact email, from with your sign in information including a username (your email) and temporary password which can be changed.

Can I add on housing at a later point in time after I enroll?

For any of our programs that offer optional housing you can email us at “” with the subject line “Purchasing Optional Add Ons” to add on housing, drop off, pick up, weekend trips, or additional programs. Our programs do fill up so we recommend signing up for options as soon as you know what you would like.

What if I have a discount code from my school / a conference / or an alumni of the program?

You can enter this code under “Coupon Code” on the “Payment Information” page of enrollment.

What if I want the early registration discount?

You will receive the $50 early registration discount if you enroll by February 1st and enter “earlybird1” under “coupon code” on the “Payment Information” page of enrollment.

What if I want to sign up a group of many students?

We have a special process for group registrations. Check out the Group Enrollment page and email us at and we will send you additional information about the group registration process.

What if siblings are signing up?

If you and a sibling sign up you each receive a $25 discount! Just email to have your discount applied to your account. This can be combined with our Early Registration discount.

What if I am an International Student?

There are no additional registration requirements. As long as you are fluent in English you can sign up for any of our programs that you meet the age and MUN experience requirements for. If you are interested in learning MUN while improving your English skills, check out our English Exchange Program for international groups.

Why do you ask for our advisor's email?

We send free Model UN resources to our students’ advisors. If you do not have an advisor, just enter N/A for the name and for their email address.

Email us at if you have additional questions about registration.

Adult Staff

Who are the camp directors?

The Camp Directors are full-time professional Best Delegate Staff. The camp is organized by Ryan Villanueva, Kevin Felix Chan, Laurabeth Goldsmith, Erik Leiden, Aaron Kalafarski, and Conna Walsh. Erik Leiden is the on-site Program Director for all MUN Institute programs. For more information see the Staff Page.

Where do the MUN Mentors come from?

The MUN Mentors are the best and most inspiring leaders from colleges and universities in North America and beyond. Check out our Staff Page to learn more about the MUN Mentors and Residential Counselors from Summer 2017!

Do all staff undergo a background check?

Yes. All staff undergo a background check and take a course on youth safety prior to working for the Model United Nations Institute.


Will there be homework?

Yes! Students will be participating in a high-level academic program and will have on average about thirty minutes to an hour of homework each day.

What if I have already done the program?

We love to have students return to our summer programs! We have various programs so that students can participate in a higher experience level program when they return to The Model UN Institute.

What if I already have experience in Model UN?

Great! Previous experience is not required, but if you have experience you can start with the Level 2: Ambassador, Level 3: Crisis, or Level 4: Secretary General programs for high school students based on your previous level of experience. Check out our Program Overview page for more information on each level!

Meals & Special Needs

What meals are provided?

All meals are provided for overnight programs. For day programs, lunch is provided. All meals are provided at the university cafeteria.

How do you support students with food allergies or dietary preferences?

We do our best to accommodate all students with food allergies. Please specify if you / your child has a food allergy on the medical forms and application so that we can work with the university in advance and make sure there are options for your student.

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