5 Things Only Crisis Delegates Understand

Crisis is a kind of committee that is fast-paced and gives unexpected scenarios for delegates to solve. Not only is this incredibly challenging, but it is also incredibly fun to work with. Coupled with unexpected results, funny moments, and waves of excitement crisis is one of the most memorable forms of committee. Here are a couple things only crisis delegates can understand.

  1. Updates Are Always Part of a BIG Master plan


To first-time crisis delegates, updates from crisis may seem random and even senseless. Even experienced delegates sometimes wonder what the update “56 goats have infiltrated your complex” has to do with the storyline. But, through their mysterious ways, crisis always finds a way to be able to make every single update be significant to the story, all which lead to the huge realization that each of those goats had wires that sent information back to Russian spies. Touché crisis, touché.

2. Committees Can Get Very Unrealistic


Crisis delegates will understand the following situation: You’re dealing with a full scale invasion from a neighboring country and ask your good pal the United States for help. In response your ally writes a directive to build a big wall to keep invading soldiers out of your country. Original? Yes. Realistic? Not quite. This is without counting the other scenarios where Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson becomes the president of the United States or the Illuminati take control of earth.

3. Crossing Your Fingers When Crisis Comes In To Give Updates


Whenever crisis comes into the room with an update an astounding silence falls among delegates in the room. No one but the crisis staff knows what is about to happen and so everyone hopes for the best. Everyone wonders if their directive helped or if made things worse. Either way, all crisis delegates eventually find themselves crossing their fingers hoping that crisis doesn’t bring devastating news your directive failed.

4. Having No Idea Who Won What


Awards are not everything in Model UN, not even remotely. However, it is always nice to be able to take something home. While GA committees are challenging there is always a way to have a slight prediction about who won what. When it comes to crisis these predictions are as accurate as anything posted on tabloids, crisis works in mysterious ways and has a strange way of rewarding delegates.

5. Getting Bored of General Assembly


There is nothing wrong with attending General Assembly committees as debate and resolutions make for a good time and can be very entertaining. However, crisis delegates come from a committee in which explosions, hacking, and assassinations happen regularly. This means when crisis delegates go back to General Assembly it can seem a tad boring; after all us crisis delegates love the thrill of receiving live updates and coming up with instant solutions to ever changing situations


BONUS: If There Are Hostages There Are Backup Generators


Many crisis simulations feature a hostage crisis in which delegates have to negotiate or break out the defenseless hostages. Many delegates think that cutting the power to force a siege upon the captors is a great idea. Of course, crisis know this would be way too easy and so whenever the directive to cut the power to the building or territory is issued it is followed by the classic line: “You have successfully cut the power. However the captors happen to have generators inside which they are using to power their facilities.” Touché crisis, indeed.

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