My Model UN Story: Joey Moore

My name is Joey Moore. I am a rising Senior at Kettle Run High School in Northern Virginia, and I have worked as a Media Associate, Editor, and Article Coordinator for Best Delegate.

I joined Model UN at the beginning of my Sophomore year. My first year we went to around 6 conferences, the majority of which were high school level. When we went our first university conference I decided it was time I try something I had heard a lot about: a crisis committee.

Best DelegateMy first crisis committee was a simulation of the Spanish Morocco War and got me completely hooked. I realized I loved crisis committees but wanted to get better, and that was when I found out about the MUN Institute. I decided to attend the Crisis Program at Columbia University during the Summer between my Sophomore and Junior year.

The MUN Institute was definitely the best thing to happen to my Model UN career. Over that week, I learned everything there is to know about MUN and developed better communication and public speaking skills. I also made friendships with people around the globe that I still keep up with today. What really made the week great was the fact that we were being taught by university level delegates that we could relate to. 

Following MUN Institute I was much more confident and had more fun when I went to conferences. One day on the MUNI Alumni Facebook page I had seen that they were looking for Media Associate interns to post articles. Because I was passionate about Model UN I knew this was something I would love to do.


Since then I have used my skills I learned at MUNI to win Best Delegate awards at some of the biggest conferences, but more importantly I have had the chance to gain experience through my internship and post articles on this website. Because of MUNI I have had the chance to work on a team and write content about something I love. Without MUNI I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have today and wouldn’t feel nearly as confident when at conferences. MUNI has helped develop me as a person and my club as a whole, and is something that I attribute a lot of my success to.

MUN summer camp

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