March Theme: MUN Goes to College

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Best Delegate strives to produce the best MUN-related content to help delegates at every level find the information they need.  That’s why theme for March is MUN Goes to College. We’ll be bringing you lots of content about college-level Model UN. Here are some of the articles you can expect this month:

Compilation Article

With conference recaps, committee advice, and college rankings, Best Delegate had published lots of articles about collegiate MUN over the years. This article will put all of those resources in one place, making it easier to access great information from years of college students, Best Delegate staff, and MUNI Alumni. As the month goes on, we’ll add even more college oriented content to the website.

How MUN Helps You Get a College Internship

We’ve already talked about how knowledge and skills gained from MUN can help you as a student, but now we’d like to show how those skills can help college students to get internships. Writing, public speaking, and international affairs knowledge are just some of the benefits of Model UN that employers might look for. This article will be must-read for any college delegates who are looking into internship opportunities.

Myths vs Realities: Collegiate MUN

For high school students transitioning to college MUN and college students joining MUN for the first time, there are a few myths and misconceptions that can make the process intimidating. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the facts from the fiction, so we’re here to help. We’ll be examining college-level competition and talking to some Model UN Institute Alumni about the myths they encountered when they joined the college MUN circuit.

How to Be Involved in Collegiate MUN (Besides Being a Delegate)

While the majority of collegiate MUNers spend their time as delegates, that’s not the only way to get involved. Collegiate MUN can provide a much wider range of activities than high school programs, allowing students to fill a variety of roles. Being part of the secretariat, helping to plan conferences, and working on international affairs programs outside the committee room are all great ways to immerse yourself in your college’s MUN program. 

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