MUN Institute Alumni College Acceptances: Yale, Harvard, Georgetown and More!

MUNI Alumnae Hannah Nasseri

MUN Institute Alumnae Hannah Nasseri

“I wrote about my experiences at the Harvard and UCLA MUN Institute camps, and Model UN in my personal essay. I even spoke about the MUN Institute in my interview. I wrote about how I founded a team, and now teach MUN. I really think it helped me become a finalist for a (full tuition) scholarship,” says MUN Institute alumnae Hannah Nasseri, who this year was accepted to the University of Pennsylvania, University of California Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University, USC, and UCLA.

Model UN Institute alumni are being accepted to the worlds most prestigious universities, and it is no coincidence! Alumni continue to utilize their Model UN experiences to bolster their college applications, and as of late it seems that a dash of the MUN Institute is the secret recipe for getting into the school of your dreams, with more of our Alumni going to the world’s best Universities than ever before. Well over one-hundred MUN Institute alumni have been accepted to top schools including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Oxford, Stanford, Georgetown, and more! The Model United Nations Institute is incredibly proud of all of our alumni that have been accepted to universities all over the world!

Khalil Mair, who will be attending Oxford University, and was also accepted to Yale University, says that “The MUN Institute was an awesome experience, and helped me develop a lot as a club leader. The chance to have instant feedback and improvement really helped me hone my skills.” Danielle Susa, who was accepted to the University of California Berkeley, UCLA, and NYU, shares the same fondness for her MUNI experiences. “I gained a plethora of confidence while working with our groups; instead of shaking with fear while delivering speeches, I relish the audience’s attention. Prior to attending MUNI, I had absolutely zero experience with Model United Nations. Now I’m certain that I want to continue doing MUN in college.

Audrey during a MUNI camp simulation

Audrey during a MUN Institute simulation

When it comes to writing their applications, our students often highlight the confidence and experience that the MUN Institute instilled within them. Just ask Audrey Lee, who this year was accepted to McGill University in Montréal, and Johns Hopkins University. “After attending the Diplomat program at Harvard organized by the MUN Institute, I came out of the experience feeling so empowered that I decided to organize my school’s first conference. I have always loved MUN, but being the Secretary-General of ISBMUN made me even more passionate about it. As for college applications, my personal statement was about my growth as a leader in organizing the conference. In my interviews, I always spoke about how this experience [not only] shaped me as a more confident leader but also a constructive team member. I cannot thank the MUN Institute and all my diplomacy fellows enough for everything!”

David Yang, who was accepted to UCLA and Rice University explained how, “Model UN allowed me to develop the skills I needed to succeed in high school and beyond. Skills such as public speaking, negotiation, teamwork, and project management served me throughout my high school years, and I’m confident that they will serve me in the future as well. Attending the MUN Institute gave me all the skills I needed to win a Best Delegate award. Model UN was at the top of my activities list, and I mentioned it in my college interview.”

Alejandra at the MUN Institute at Columbia before the final Model UN simulation.

Alejandra at the MUN Institute at Columbia.

Alejandra Corbella, who was accepted to Tufts University explained that, “As someone whose first language is not English, I always had problems speaking out or writing my ideas effectively, but the MUN Institute gave me confidence and helped me a lot in my writing and research skills. I think it really helped me with my college applications because I always had something to say about a club or activity that makes me passionate. I become more comfortable with my writing and when I had college interviews, I could talk with confidence and truly express what I felt.”  

Eliza perfectly demonstrates the most famous MUN Institute public speaking style tip of all - the Ryan Villanueva Hand Diamond®

Eliza demonstrating the iconic Ryan Villanueva Hand Diamond®

Eliza Hoang, who will be going to the University of Pennsylvania added that, “What I’ve learned at the MUN Institute has definitely helped me outside Model UN. I gained a lot of confidence; it’s also changed how I interact with people, and taught me to be diplomatic.

MUNI Alumnus Robbie Mathern

MUN Institute Alumnus Robbie Mathern

Robbie Mathern, who was accepted to George Washington University, perfectly sums up how we feel the MUN Institute helps with college applications. Robbie emphatically noted, “MUN was the whole reason I got into GW! It was the topic of my essay and the reason I believe I stood out to the admissions department there!

As a MUN Institute alumnus myself, now President of the Alumni Board at the MUN Institute, and the youngest member of the Board of Directors for the International Relations Students’ Association of McGill University, I can attest to the power of writing about the MUN Institute and Model UN in your college essay, and speaking to it in your interview. I did the same thing, and was promptly admitted to McGill University, which led me to experiences like listening to a guest-lecture by Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon, and participating at the 60th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the UN. The MUN Institute helped me get to where I am today, and I’m forever thankful for the experience.

Below you can see where all of the MUN Institute alumni have been accepted to this year. We at the Model United Nations Institute give our most sincere congratulations to these students, and we can’t wait to see all their future successes! Best of luck to the Class of 2020!

Image source: John Carroll University,

Image source: John Carroll University,


Future Class of 2020 – MUN Institute Alumni College Acceptances

Khalil Mair, Oxford University, Yale University

Liz Manero, Harvard University

Eliza Hoang, University of Pennsylvania

Dylan Zuniga, University of Pennsylvania

Alicia Bennet, Dartmouth University

Rushil Shukla, Dartmouth University

Jamie Flynn, Brown University

Rodrigo Ferreira, University College London, Duke University, NYU Abu Dhabi

Ariana Kim, University of Southern California, UCLA, NYU, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University

Pablo Fiori, Cornell University

Robbie Mathern, George Washington University

Audrey Lee, McGill University, Johns Hopkins

David Yang, UCLA, Rice University

Danielle Susa, UC Berkeley, UCLA, NYU

Hannah Nasseri, USC, Johns Hopkins University, UCLA,University of California Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania

Annabelle Lee, Tulane University, Kings College of London, Pepperdine University

Alejandra Corbella, Tufts University

William Kim, Boston College, University of California Berkeley

Madeleine Valdez, University of California Berkeley

Oliver Xie, McGill University

Beth Zhao, George Mason University, Honors College

James Neville, College of the Holy Cross

Gordon Ryoo, NYU

Marouane Arbra, Oberlin College

Nithya Ramesh, University of Michigan

Jack Mahon, University of Michigan

Annica Denktas, UCLA

Grace King, University of Florida

Erika Vasant, University of Miami

Article by MUNI Alumni Board President & Diplomacy Fellow, Stevan Tempesta, Jr.

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