10 Ways Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s “Winning London” Still Explains Model UN Today

As a young Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen fan, Winning London inspired me to want to participate in Model UN. And lets face it– the travel, kidnapping crises, cute British boys, and cut throat debate didn’t hurt either.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

While a lot has changed since the movie Winning London debuted in 2001 (including Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen) many Model UN lessons from this classic movie still apply to Model UN today.

1. When someone cancels at the last minute and a surprise student steps in…primarily because of the travel destination:

What about me

2. When the new student tries to convince you they are ready for a Model UN conference:

peacekeeping thing

3. When you show up at a conference and find out that they accidentally gave two schools the same country:

We are China

4. When you need a few more votes to pass your resolution:

can i count on your vote

5. What every Model UN Delegate is actually thinking:

who really needs nuclear weapons anyway

6. Okay, maybe not every delegate:

uhh we do

7. Every delegates favorite moment in committee:

today we will be discussing crises negotiations

8.Along with “Education is the solution” this phrase wins the award for most frequently stated phrase:

britain does not negotiate with terrorists

9. When someone asks you for the name of your UN Ambassador:


10. Sometimes at the end of the day negotiations fail:

when negotiations flounder

But really… If your Model UN Team has not watched Winning London yet, you really should. And if you want to experience Model UN in London this summer you should consider attending the MUN Institute in London.

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